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Việc tại nhà:
  • Uyen
  • 20 - 99 người
  • 155A Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Q3
Liên hệ:
Loại hình:
100% vốn nước ngoài
Quy mô:
20 - 99 người
Trụ sở:
Địa chỉ:
155A Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Q3

Xếp hạng công ty

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40,000,000 - 100,000,000 VNĐ

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Mô tả công việc

    ■Job description:
    - Your job is being a part of our team, where you will regularly wow us with your excellent work ethics, well tested, well-thought code.
    - We use the best technologies possible in the market that keep the developer free from hassle so they can focus on making the best software possible.
    - Our code base is serving millions of users in the cryptocurrency space so you are going to make a huge impact.
    - At least 3 years with programming (You have really done programming for many years, not just as a professional but as a passion)
    - A programmer who reads, writes and speaks English fluently
    - Must know:   Ruby or Java or NodeJS/Reactjs or C/C++  or Go or PHP
    - Willing to learn Ruby language
    - Know about Postgres, Redis, Kafka, micro-service, linux command, Docker is a plus
    - We need you to be smart, think logically and mentor other members
    - A programmer who knows design pattern and how to apply it
    - A programmer who can build architecture whenever we need
    - A programmer who understands how the database works and knows how to improve the performance of a system.
    - A  programmer who knows how to test your code and troubleshoot problems really well
    - A person who have these characteristics:
         +Continuous Improvement - You never stop improving yourself
          + Direct and Respect - You are direct to the matter while still respect people
          + Simplification - Try to make great yet elegantly simple things
          +Focus - Focus on things that matter, say no to distraction
          + Be bold - Dare to speak and take action for the right cause
    ■Salary: $2000~$4000 NET
    ■Working time: Monday – Friday: 08h00 – 17h00 (around 160 hours per month)
    - 13th salary month + Profit Sharing
    - Lucky Money for New Year and Lunnar New Year
    - Review salary: more than once per year
    - Ideal workspace policy for staff  (Total budget : $8000)
    + Working tools : Macbook Air/Pro, External laptop screen, Keyboard + Mouse + Headphone
    + Ideal workspace : An air conditioner &/or air purifier, High-speed internet package, Workspace construction
    + Green workspace : Plants, Scented, essential oil diffusers
    + Comfortable at work : A ergonomic working desk, A ergonomic working chair
    - Health insurance ($1100/year)
    - Sport allowance: $50~$100/month
    - External training allowance - upto $2000/course
    - Annual company retreat to awesome places
    - And other benefits (you can know if you have chance to join us)
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